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Tuesday, 23 October 2018


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2017 National Championship Game Recap

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In December 2017, Fury fell short against Las Vegas Trojan in the 2017 National Championship game in Las Vegas, hosted by Minor League Football Reports to a score of 20-12. If you haven’t watched that game yet, that would be one you’d want to watch as well. The link for the game's entirety is located here:

Watch Full Game on You Tube

For a first loss in what is known as over 2 years, I’d have to say that Fury did a great job. It was so close so many times. It was as if when Fury was about to break out like they normally do, and an offensive mishap would cancel that great drive. There were a few plays which were tough defensive penalties against Fury gave the Trojans huge breaks in the game. We’ll go through those clips through out the article.

The game started out just as everyone expected. High intensitt with hard hitting from both sides of the ball. On the first play in the game, Fury’s LB #84 delivered a huge hit on Vegas RB #44, which was called for unneccesary roughness. Several penalties early in the game made the Trojans seem like they have been rattled by the Fury defense. False starts, delay of games and even an illegal substitution pushed them back deep against their end zone. Trojans punted the ball on their first possession of the game.

Fury’s first drive on a run for this national championship started out like the good ol’ ”Gorilla Gang” football. QB Cody #4 delivers a long pass to his WR #3 on 1st and 10 for a 20 yard gain.

Later on the same drive, Fury’s QB #4 took a late hit in the back on a play which Trojan’s LB #20 read the handoff play as play-action and delivered a late hard hit. No flag on the play. I’ll have to say that this was unnecessary, and the referees completely missed this hit. Although, it is the National Championship game, and it's not for the weak teams.  You be the judge.

After a long delay in the game after that hit and a Fury’s timeout, Fury's QB #4 came back for 4th down and goal from the 30-yard line. Cody delivered a pass to WR #24 who dives into the end zone to what may look like a touchdown.  Instead it was great defensive effort from the Trojan's defense.

The referee on the play ruled it to be down at the 1 yard line. Fury turns the ball over at the 1 yard line. The Trojans took over and eventually punted the ball on 4th down.

A great intense game continues as in a play late in the 1st quarter, Trojan’s RB #4 runs for huge gains, and takes a big hit by Fury’s DB #4, who ended up injured on the play. The big hit knocked the wind out of him.

Beginning in the 2nd period, the Trojans got away with an obvious false start, but then throws an interception. Fury takes over.  After a few plays, Fury punts the ball back to the Trojans.

The Trojan begins their drive with big a run by the RB #4 for 35 yards for 1st and goal at the 2 yard line. From there, a touchdown pass was caught giving the Trojans the first score in the at 6-0.  

On the PAT, yet another strange play. The kick was blocked and caught by the Fury's Special Team player, who runs it back for the 2 point conversion score. There was a flag on the play which over ruled the 2 points PAT return. The score remained at 6 – 0, Trojans lead.

Michael Lindsey, who returns to Fury, converts a beautiful kick return for 30 yards. Acouple of excellent runs by Deon, “D-Train” who runs over a defender at the beginning of the 2nd quarter.

Fury kept it on the ground and D-Train ran it in for Fury’s first touchdown of the game. Fury’s attempt for 2 points on the PAT at first seemed at as if it was successful with the referee signaling touchdown, from a catch by the lineman.

The referees final ruling is to replay the 2 point conversation, which failed. The score was tied at 6 – 6.

As we move on into the 3rd period, excellent defense from Fury forced the Trojans to punt on the first possession after halftime.  

On Fury’s first possession of the second half, there was a blind side hit by Trojan's DB #13 on a defenseless receiver. What a tough hit. On video, it looked like Fury’s receiver was hit from his back while still in the air. No flag on that play.

On the following play, Fury's WR #89 makes a great run after the catch for 35 yards.

Later in the same drive, Fury’s RB #34 runs into the end zone and fumbles the ball. As another Fury player recovers the fumble, the referee rules that this is a fumble in the end zone and is ruled as a turnover.  I think this a mis-interpretation of the rules.

I didn’t find anything within the following rule which Fury violated to lose the opportunity to recover the ball in the end zone.  I think that's legal?  Maybe.  That's why they're the referees of the game.


It’s ok. We all make mistakes. That’s why we play the game….. ? So the Trojans take over at the 20 yard line, which drive resulted in a Fury interception. But, Fury then turns the ball over on downs. Trojans take over with their RB #4 doing what he’s done all game long. Another big run for 40 yards to setup for a boot leg pass for a touchdown to end the 3rd quarter. The 2 point conversion was unsuccessful making the score 12 to 6, Trojans lead.

To start out the 4th quarter, Fury had another great KR. A great block by Fury's #99 was too good, which was flagged for un-necessary roughness. Could you believe it? I thought it was a great block. It was okay, but you can see that Fury was starting to wake up on the field.

The Gorilla Gang was here, but now with a lot more noise! After a false start penalty against Fury, which replay shows no one moved prior to the snap of the ball. Then RB #34 had a great run, which didn’t matter because he was stripped behind at the 10 yard line, fumbling the football. Trojans recovered and yet another turnover by Fury.

As the two teams battle back and forth on defense, Trojans punted the ball the Fury. Fury’s PR on video seems like he may have touched the ball with his finger. The nearest referee immediately signal fumble and Trojans again recover a fumble by Fury. Another senseless turnover by Fury as they give up the ball at their own 16 yard line. Trojans scores again on a pass to their WR #16. Along with the 2 points conversion, made the score Trojans 20 to Fury 6.

Things were starting to look like unchartered territory for Fury. But they’ve done this before. They can do it again.

With very little time left, Fury came right out and threw laser pass to #7 for a touchdown.

The 2 point conversion was unsuccessful. The following on-side was unsuccessful, which ended the game.

The Vegas Trojans were 2017 MNLFR National Champions.

In the final thoughts of the game. American Football is a very tough game. Sometimes athleticism, endurance, game awareness, and excellent may not be enough to win the game.  If the ball doesn't fall on your side, the percent chance of you winning the game is pretty tough.  Both teams were equall matched, no doubt about it.  Sometimes, the home field advantage may be the "difference-maker" in the game  All I’m saying that I didn’t like to see Fury lose that game because they performed very well. But they totally lost that game regardless of how the calls went in the game. D-Train #34 is a beast out there. He ran defenders over so bad on plays, it cause them to run over their own team mates. But he fumbled the ball twice in the game at the time when he was going to score a touchdown. That was tough, because the Trojan’s RB #4 was a beast out there too.  He literrally carried that championship game.  Hopefully game ball went to that man. Either way. I was happy when I heard the Gorilla Gang represented on video. They did a great job too.  Next year.  We'll be back.

I’m still a Gorilla Gang Fan!

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